Antique Gold Chainette Fringe, 4" deep, 100% Acetate, By the yard

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Beautiful Antique Gold Fringe, about 4" long, this is chainette type which means it's not straight hanging threads nor twisted threads but a real chain of thread.

This fringe is 100% Acetate, which is most often found in the older, better trim lines.  Acetate is biodegradable and Mildew, Mold, Stain, and Shrink resistant.  Acetate is the second oldest man-made thread with Rayon being first.  Its colors & sheen rival silk.

There is a pull cord on the bottom to hold the fringe in place while you work with it, when your project is done, you simply pull one end of the cord, releasing the fringe.

This is great for Home-Dec, Apparel, Crafts and Costuming.

Great for flapper dresses, belly dancer costumes, Cos Play outfits and think of the great shawls this would enhance.

Wash in cold water & line dry for best results.

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