Comedy/Tragedy Mask Earrings

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Do you know a theater major or a theater patron? These pressed brass earrings are the symbols of live theater and darn cute too!

These familiar symbols have represented the theater for 2500+ years. The Comedy mask is known as Thalia, who in Greek mythology is the Muse of Comedy & Idyllic Poetry. The Tragedy mask is known as Melpomene, who is the Muse of Tragedy.

Ancient Greek actors wore large masks that could be seen from the back of those huge outdoor amphitheaters. The masks conveyed the emotions of the character: happy, sad, funny, evil, etc. so that the audience knew what was going on. As theatrical performances moved into indoor venues, the masks were no longer needed, but these two masks persist as a symbol of live theater.

These earrings have nice detail.  They are vintage; from the 70's or early 80's and include a single bead that connects the ear wire to the masks: clear for comedy, black for tragedy.

The masks themselves are approximately 1.25" long and 1" wide; each entire earring is 2"long.

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