Gorgeous, Intricate, Asian design, Mystery Fabric 52" wide by 20" long heavy upholstery type

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Many years ago, I came across an upscale upholstery fabric store in Nashville, TN. They had bolt ends for sale, which was the only way I could have afforded those fabrics. This piece bonded with me. For years I would decide to make this or that out of it, then not do it because I had so little of it and what if what I made wasn't the best use of it.

Of course, this is why I still have it & now at my very advanced years have given up going to posh, dressy events so will probably never sew it into something gorgeous. Hopefully, one of you out there will do better than I did & if you do, please tell me what you made & if possible, send a picture.

Anyway, the mystery is that I have no idea what the fabric is. As you can see in the pictures of the back, the design is woven in, not embroidered nor stamped. It is 52" wide & the piece is only 20" long, so a fat half yard.

The design is very reminiscent of the blue willow pattern, except it's in lots of colors...deep reds, golden yellows & oranges, several shades of green including a teal, pink and blends of these colors.

It is a heavy cloth but soft. It holds its shape but can also be gathered easily. Really a lovely piece! Would make a great purse, book cover, short vest,bustier, wow, you can probably think of a lot more.

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