Hungry Animal Alphabet Flannel Fabric: Vintage

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Each 12" strip of this J. Wecker-Frisch design has the entire alphabet from A- an alligator with apples wearing argyle socks & a sweater to XYZ- a zebra playing a xylophone near a basket of yams while a Zeppelin flies overhead.

Each picture is highly detailed and you find new things each time you look. For example, M shows the moose looking at the moon while roasting marshmallows with a mask dangling from his neck. P: a pig eating pumpkin in his pajamas. S: a sheep in saddle shoes gazing at sunflowers. Amazing!

This quality flannel fabric is unwashed and sold by the piece; a 12" strip x 42" wide that includes the full alphabet. We will not cut the fabric until it is ordered as someone may want the entire piece. There are 5 full strips available. Enough to make a small quilt/blankie, pillow case, etc. A strip could be bound and used to teach a child the alphabet or framed and hung on the wall to decorate a nursery/ child's bedroom.

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