Vintage JAMS World Spun Crushed Rayon Fabric: Wearable Art- 48" wide by 4.33 yards

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Rayon is such a great fabric! Soft, drapes well, fabulous colors; it makes wonderful summer clothes. This fabric would make a lovely top, surfer shorts, beach cover-up...

Rayon is the first man-made fabric.  It's beginnings were in the 1800's and the first commercial Rayon came out in the early 1900's as artificial silk.  The name Rayon (meaning 'beam of light') was first used in the USA in 1924.  Today you will find viscose used as an alternative name.

This piece is 48" wide x 4.33 yards and is striped with multi-colored blues, golds, greens and purples. Overlaying the stripes are batik-like primitive flowers.

Let me tell you a story.  After WWII, Dave Rochlen, a CA surfer, visited Hawaii and fell in love with both the island & his future wife.

He opened a surfboard shop, sold surf boards & surfed.  Unhappy with surfing in his swim trunks, he asked his wife to cut off a pair of his pajamas & make them shorts length for surfing...he called them his JAMS.

 The other surfers loved the idea & he was soon selling them in his shop.  He went to Japan to work on an exclusive spun crushed rayon and the JAMS World brand was born.  He wanted his designs to all be works of art so he called them Wearable Art.

The company is still in business making surfing jams & more.

There is enough fabric here to make something for you and a friend, but be sure you keep the logo & don't cut it away.

Gentle wash.

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