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Several years ago,  at lunch I overheard (okay, I couldn’t help it, she was really loud) a woman say that there was no magic anymore.  No circuses, no men in top hats pulling flowers from their sleeves…the magic of life today was gone, killed off by TV, movies & smart phones.

That stuck with me for a long time.  She’s right that children, people in general, are not amazed at live feats of legerdemain since they see so many amazing things on their electronic toys.  And, the circus, as we older people remember it with wild animals jumping through hoops, elephants trumpeting, beautiful ladies in sparkly outfits flying through the air to be caught by handsome young me and clowns throwing buckets of confetti into the audience is indeed gone.

There was great excitement at the circus & a lot of magic, plus rides & cotton candy & balloons…oh, my.

But, that lady was wrong, too.  There is magic all around us every day if we only choose to see it.

Take the dandelion, after mowing your yard a hundred yellow flowers appear hugging the ground and before you know it, the flower shoots up six or so inches & turns into a puff ball of fantastic intricacy & beauty.  What a performance every Spring.  And, yet, some spend a great deal of time & money trying to get rid of dandelions.  If you leave them alone, you get the magic and the gift they leave behind.  They have deep roots & bring to the surface important minerals for the grasses that can’t reach that deep.  Then they go away until next Spring.

Or the bumble bee that defies all the laws of aerodynamics to flit all over with wings too small for his weight.

And the seasons, oh, what a fantastic show… Winter gives way to Spring who turns her time over to summer which is replaced by Autumn and so on.  Each season is a new color palette, each season has a different feel in the very air, each season is lovingly awaited & each season is gratefully left behind.  We have only to look around & appreciate the display.

Babies…what magicians they are.  They only need to open their eyes & give a gassy smile in your direction & feelings of love & protection rise up in you like….magic.  (Ditto for puppies, kittens & other wee ones.)

Magic is all around us, we just need to open our eyes & hearts to see it.

Have a magical day,

The Ancient One



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