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About the Original Wooly Dragon

Pamela is the Head Dragoness of Original Wooly Dragon. She has been knitting since she was 9 years old. Don’t dare ask her how old she is now, that would be impertinent…but it was a looong time ago! Pamela's mother is the Ancient Dragoness. Be sure to check out her fabrics and shiny things!

Her great-grandmother, the British Dragoness and her grandmother, the Daredevil Dragoness made sure to pass on the secrets of the knitting needles to their young; Pamela was one of the few who persevered. After a brief hiatus from knitting during high school, Pamela rediscovered knitting and also taught herself how to crochet in college. Frequent visits to local fiber shops introduced her to spinning and dyeing, completing her immersion into the world of fiber crafts and beginning the collection of her favorite treasure, yarn. Well, and chocolate!

Her love of animals lead to raising angora & pygora goats, as well as angora rabbits. This added to her treasure cave of yarn, aka the craft room. Nothing gives her more pleasure than to spend time blending different types of fiber, spinning, dyeing, felting and creating more treasure: purses, scarves, mittens, socks, afghans…

A lifelong lover of science fiction & fantasy, plus being born in the Chinese year of the dragon, Pamela always rooted for the dragon in any movie, tv show or book in which a dragon appeared. Puff the Magic Dragon, H.R. Puffinstuff, Pete’s Dragon and Smaug were early heroes to Pamela. Fierce, fabulous, fiber hoarding and sometimes grumpy; the definition of the wooly dragon!​

Read her blog posts; you will discover she has many other interests too.

We hope you enjoy our website.​


1) We ship everything via US Postal Service. Also, we only ship to the contiguous 48 states (USA).  

2) All of our yarn is hand-dyed and all knitted or felted items are hand made by the Wooly Dragon. Some of the jewelry is made by the Ancient Dragon. We do not outsource our yarn to any other dragons, foreign or domestic. 

3) Everyone's computer monitor/cellphone screen is different. The actual colors of the yarns, jewelry, etc. in our store may not appear exactly on your screen as they really are...take our word for it, they are gorgeous!

​4) The blogs on our website are experiences of  Wooly and are for entertainment purposes only. While Wooly is wise, she is not a professional blogger. (Hey, is that a real job?)