My Favorite Use for a Garbage Bag

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So, I recently discovered another use for garbage bags. I dye lots of yarn for my website store and, when I use multiple colors and want to dye several skeins, I don't want to waste a lot of plastic wrap when I steam the yarn to set the color. I found that garbage bags make great wraps for this process. At first, I was concerned that the plastic would melt and damage the yarn; so far, it hasn't happened and I'm saving money to boot. First, buy the cheapest kitchen garbage bags you can; usually this is the store brand, but watch out for sales! Do not buy scented bags or the stretchable kind. I use the draw string bags and cut off the string.
Next, cut up both sides and open out the bag to a single layer.
Place your wet skeins of yarn side by side onto the plastic and start dyeing.
Once you are satisfied with the dye distribution, grab the far edge of the plastic and roll all of the skeins toward you gently.
Take a paper towel and mop up any extra dye on the plastic. Starting at the edge closest to you, start rolling the yarn burrito style. Try and get it as tight as possible. I tie off one end, roll the log into a snail-like package and then secure the 2nd end. I will then place the package into a second garbage bag and start steaming.
After the yarn is removed, the plastic sheet can usually be rinsed off, dried and recycled for another dyeing session. #recycle

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