Rainy Days in the Spring Garden!

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I love to garden. I do not like to garden while it's raining; water dripping down my face while I'm trying to weed a raised bed is not convenient.
And, of course, while rain makes the plants in my garden grow, it also makes the grass and weeds grow too.
I live in the South. We have a lot of clay. When it rains, the clay turns into mud and creates huge puddles!
Going into the garden after a rain is fraught with the potential of muddy boots.
And, should you forget to clean off those boots? Let's just say cement has nothing on dried east TN red clay!
Don't get me wrong! I would rather my garden get rained on than me having to pull out the garden hose and connect the drip irrigation systems. Mother Nature is a way better waterer than I am and, when there's thunder and lightning included, it jazzes up the nitrogen levels in the soil.
No, what I resent is the inconvenience. Somehow, it always starts raining 10 minutes before I head out to the garden to weed or plant or spray or whatever.
Winter is finally behind us (I hope!) and I'm raring to get outside before summer's heat bludgeons me with its relentless hot flashes.
Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant about rain. Stay tuned for when the dog days of summer hit and we don't get rain for weeks. Weather rant #2 will be posted, I'm sure.
Oh, and if anyone knows where Camelot and its fabled perfect weather is located...You know, where it never rains until after sundown; by 9am, the clouds all disappear... let me know, will ya?
Thanks, Wooly

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