3 piece bundle of Vintage Fish Themed Cotton, over 1.5 yards total, OOP, Impossible to Find

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Fish themed fabrics for many projects.

Three pieces are included, all are vintage, all are out of print, all are by known designers/manufacturers and all are impossible to find.

 One piece has multi-colored art type fish swimming through green & blue seaweed.  Part of the selvage label is cut off but it is designed by Nancy J Smith & Linda S Milligan for Avlyn, Inc.  The word "Possibilities" is also on it but I don't know if that is the collection it was made for or this particular fabric design.  43" wide by 1/2 yard.

One is Black Art-type fish on white by Blank Textiles, Pattern # BTR-4172.  44" wide by a fat half yard.

The last has tiny goldfish swimming in the blue sea.  There is metallic gold outlining the fish.  The selvage says: # 994 Fancy Cats 2 Fish - Makover UK.  44" wide by a fat half yard.

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