A Plethora of Patriotic Fabric: 6 different pieces totalling over 3.5 yards, All Cotton

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Six pieces of fabric, all with a Patriotic theme, all Red, White & Blue, all cotton and most have had a cut or two taken out of them so I will describe them as carefully as I can. The total yardage I came up with was about three & 2/3 yards but you can tally it for yourself & see.

The top piece is We The People for Fabric Traditions, a 2003 pattern now long out of print & hard to find. Crisp feel to it. It was originally 45" wide by 41" long but two pieces were cut out of the corners & now there is a long piece of 39" wide by 41" long and an attached piece of 9" by a shy 18". Has not been washed.

The Flags are also by Fabric Traditions, a 2004 pattern, long out of print. Good hand to the fabric, never been washed. It too, has pieces taken out leaving a 30" wide by 1 yard piece & two 7" by 14" pieces still attached.

The wonderfully wavy stars & stripes is Old Glory by Fabri-Quilt, Inc. This was pre-washed & has a great hand. It has a piece out of it, too. The main piece is 42" wide by 3/4yard long with an attached piece of 9" by half the width.

The red, white & blue curvy stripes are Sweet Liberty by Pat Sloan for P&B Textiles, 2010. It is 100% cotton, never washed, nothing cut out of it. It is 44" wide by 21" long so more than a 1/2 yard piece.

White stars on Navy with red dots. 42" wide by 21" long & another 8" that goes half way across, still attached.

The Fireworks is another Sweet Liberty design by Pat Sloan for P&B Textiles. This was originally 43" wide by 21" long but a piece was used so it is now, 43" by 11" long & another 10" long by 29" wide.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

Thank you for looking.

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