eBook- Pioneer Comforts & Kitchen Remedies:  Digital Download PDF

eBook- Pioneer Comforts & Kitchen Remedies: Digital Download PDF

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Pioneer Comforts and Kitchen Remedies: Old Timey Highland Secrets from the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains by Ferne Shelton (1965)

This is a booklet that my mom, the Ancient Dragoness bought back when I was a young dragonlette. While going through her book cave, she came upon this and gave it to me to peruse. With interest in homesteading and self-reliance at an all time high, I have made this information available as a digital download.

The contents include medicinal herbs and their uses for various ailments, how to make teas & wines, edibles, beauty & household items, recipes for salves, natural insecticides, candles and plant dyes.

If for no other reason, this booklet demonstrates how our ancestors lived off the land; after all, there were no stores like Wally World back then. However, if you truly want to step into the past and learn how those mountain folk lived, this booklet will get you started on your journey.

***The obligatory warning label: This booklet is for historical interest only and the use of any of its medicinal recipes should be done with your doctor's knowledge.***

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