Faux Fur in a Miniature Longhorn Cattle Print: Very Soft, Sold as a Piece

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This is so soft, a marvelous vintage fabric. 

It's an irregularly shaped piece; there is a long triangular portion serged on the end.  We didn't want to remove it because, as you know if you sew, you never know when you need just a bit more.

It is 58/60" wide and 41" to 47" long...that irregular piece we told you about.  Look at the pictures to see what we mean.

Uses include purses, vests, stuffed toys, pillows, Christmas stocking for your favorite rancher, cuffs on sweaters, socks & boots, collars, clothing and for you adventurous people...a bikini?  Or maybe not.

Short pile, side to side stretch but minimal lengthwise.

Also fun to just carry around like a Linus blanket...


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