Halloween Fabric: Cheery Ghosts on Purple, 40/41" wide 1.25 yards, Hi Fashion Fabrics Inc

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Adorable little ghosts going about their daily chores.  Chores that seem to include a lot of baking & cooking.  There are ghostly gingerbread men, loaves of bread, stacks of veggies (I think), and ghosts toting candles, flowers, presents and balloons.

There are a lot of different ghosties here; some wearing boots, some have bows in their ghostly hair, some have patches and some have jack o' lanterns for heads.  Candles, buildings, fireplaces, jack o' lanterns, gifts, cups, tea pots and I don't know what I missed, but there is a lot to look for.

This is being sold as a 1.25 yard piece. It is cotton, has been pre-washed, so no shrinking or running of colors.  It has a nice hand, soft enough to wear but strong enough to hold up to Trick or Treat bag use.

You can make almost anything wearable from this as well as place mats, pillows &  pillow cases, use in a quilt or as a cover for your Halloween picture album.

Have fun with this!

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