Indigo Batik Block Print Fabric, 1 yard 44" wide, Deep Saturation right to the Selvage, 100% Cotton

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This is a gorgeous piece of Batik fabric, the saturation is so deep that it is hard to tell the right side, which could be very helpful if you boo-boo & cut it wrong. Just kidding.

The blue in this goes from almost black to a very pale blue. I have looked for repetition of design which shows machine Batiking but the designs vary enough that it must be from the hand stamped era.

There is a full yard of this 44" wide cotton fabric. It has not been washed nor cut into. Considering that it might be hand stamped, you might want to wash it the way you plan to wash it later to make sure there is no running of color.

Cannot find it anywhere so it must be both out of print and hard to find.

Such a rich design that lends itself to so many uses...pillows, purses & totes, journal covers, quilting,'s so beautiful that it might end up with you, like it did for me, fabric you look at, ponder how to use it & then put it back to enjoy next time. Is that a hobby? Fabric enjoyment & collecting!

I have no idea where I got this, but it is a quality fabric. I have no idea if the pattern is representative of African, Indonesian, Tongan or other style. I am in the dark...if you recognize the piece & have some insights please let me know.

Thank you for looking.

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