Limoges Crinkle Dyed Taffeta 57" wide 2.25 yards Great for Cosplay, Costumes, Dressy Wraps and Fancy Wear.

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This is a gorgeous piece of Crinkle Taffeta. It is called Limoges, which refers to the color...I had to look it up, I didn't know Limoges was blue. There are even Limoges that turn out to be pink and other colors but this is definitely BLUE...even cobalt blue.

It seems that there was/is a big porcelain industry in Limoges, France that became famous, among other things, for their blue porcelain. This brilliant blue was used in other things & called Limoges, not Limoges Blue, but just Limoges as we all should know...I didn't.

The color is very special, the crinkle catches the light beautifully, just a very beautiful piece of taffeta.

This would be fantastic in Cosplay, costuming, special evening shawl. It would make a handkerchief look beautiful, but don't waste it on that. Unless, hankies are your thing, of course.

The piece is 57" wide and I'm selling it in one length as 2.25 yards, although it is actually about 4" longer. Whoever cut this fabric did so very unevenly.

It is 52% Polyester & 48% Nylon. Cold Wash, line dry, no heat.

It's the only piece I have. A little note here, you might find some sparkles here & there on it...what can I say, it hangs out with fancy fabrics. <grin>

Thank you for looking, if you have any questions I will try to answer them.

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