Love is in the Air: 4 pieces of 100% cotton with a Love theme, Each piece is 19" long and about 45" wide A bit more than 2 yards

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Valentine's Day may be past but every day is a day for love. Each of these four pieces is longer than a half yard.

The first is the pink & red hearts with the word LOVE written around it. I was not lucky enough to get the part of the selvage with the maker on it but it seems to be part of the "Dear Hearts", Spring Living design set. If you look at the 5th picture you will see a close up of one of the hearts with two pin-point discolorations beside it. There must have been a staple here at one time. Not to worry, it's at the cut edge & can easily be cut off. I could have cut a strip off & still had a robust half yard but being a sewer myself, I know that sometimes you need just a bit more, so I left it. Piece is 45" wide, 19" long.

The second is another in the "Dear Hearts" series by Spring Living in the same pink & reds but slightly different hearts. These hearts are about 1". 43/44" wide by 19.5" long.

The next two are "Happy Hearts" by Trena Hegdahl for General Fabrics. The larger hearts in squares is 45" wide by 19" long. The squares are about 2" and it is a lighter cotton than the "Dear Hearts" cottons.

The hearts in the tossed boxes, also "Happy Hearts" is 45" wide by 19" long. The boxes are about 1/2" square.

I think I have noted everything about this set but if you have any questions, please ask and thank you for looking.

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