Made in Italy, Red Floral Linen Blend, See-through fabric, 60" wide, 2.5 yards Extremely Rare

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This is an interesting piece of fabric. As you can see, it is sheer, very wide, 60", and made in Italy. There is a stylized "G" next to the color boxes in the selvage & part of the selvage says Two Star Dog 4335 Star Tropical. If this tells you the maker, let me know, I can find nothing about it.

The original label is still on the bag it came in and says in part, Machine wash cool/Machine dry low. It states 2.5 yds. This is a large floral print.

This would make a gorgeous evening coat, overlay to a white sheath, a drop-dead addition to a negligee set and so many more high style items.'s sheer.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer, and thank you for looking.

*NOTE: After much more research I have found that Two Star Dog was a company formed in 1993 by two brothers originally making hemp clothing wholesale. They were joined by a woman fashion designer who took the business in a new direction. They made clothing for the fashion market, but only wholesale until 2018.

These fashions & fabrics would change yearly & once the run was over, they would not use the fabric line again. These overruns in the fashion industry got sold in various places & I evidently got this piece. I'm guessing that "Star Tropical" refers to either the line the fabric was used in or the fabric design itself.

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