Silky Soft Paisley Panels Fabric in Sumptuous Gold & Browns-54-56" wide. Sold by the yard.

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This fabric looks and feels like heavy silk, but we don't think it is real silk. What it is, we don't know, but we do know this is a gorgeous fabric!

Alternating dark brown & light brown panels run from selvedge to selvedge. On one side, the panels are plain; on the other side is a paisley print that is very obvious on the lighter panels, less so on the dark ones...mysterious. Finishing off the look are gold dots that run along the edges of each panel. Both sides can be used.

The fabric almost has a leather-like appearance. I could see this fabric as a tunic for cosplay as a medieval archer/elf/hunter.

54-56" wide; the panels run side to side. Sold by the yard.

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