Pastel Flannel Fabric with Baby Toys Motif: sold by the FQ

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This flannel is in swirly 1" squares, some are filled with tiny squares, others with baby toys.  This is unwashed, vintage, pastel colors and sold by the FQ.

Flannel is one of those fabrics about which some people have strong views.

It really, really does.  So you should wash your new flannels in hot water & dry in a hot dryer.  And get more than you need...shrinking, remember?

It can wrinkle, but do not iron it...if you can't bear the unevenness of it, press it gently...up & down, do not swipe across with a hot iron or you will have it all wonky.

It ravels...yes it does, so be warned.

So why do others love it?  Because the above items can be dealt with and it is soooo soft.  And, it gets softer, the older it gets.

You cannot beat it for lap quilts, tops, teddy bears and toys.  It is one of the most tactile pleasing fabrics we have. If you plan to make something that screams comfort...this is it.

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