Vintage Sheer Off-White Silk Chiffon with Silver Metallic Stripes Fabric Made in France a 2 yard 8" piece

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Made in France.

This fabric is fun & classy at the same time. It is made from sheer silk chiffon with a crisp hand; very light & flows beautifully. The stripes are made with silver metallic thread; overall, the effect is almost a plaid. No stretch; this would make an outstanding top, dress or skirt. 

The silver stripes run vertically with a 1.75", 1" and .5" group repeated every 6.5"  a group of three off-white stripes run side to side...2.75", 1 3/8" and .5" repeating every 13.75".

Vintage fabric, treat lovingly.

This is being sold as a 2 yard, 8 inch piece; 45 inches wide. Dry cleaning is recommended.

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