Taffeta Specialty Fabric, Pleated in 1.5" squares, Bronze/Copper color 47" wide, sold by the yard

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This is a gorgeous example of pleated taffeta. Tiny pleats are cross-hatched in 1.5" squares & then top stitched to give more movement to the fabric.

This is 47" wide and is sold by the yard.

The color, as in most taffeta, is hard to pin down. We see a lot of metallic colors, copper & bronze named most often. And then, of course, when you turn the fabric it picks up more light & more colors.

The back is as interesting as the front & if you decide to make a full medieval underskirt with it you might want to make it in such a way that you can reverse it & use the other side as well.

This would make great bodices, vests, costuming of all kinds, and formal wear. Your imagination will delight in this material.

Taffeta is to be hand washed, water squeezed out by rolling up in a towel & air dried. Having said that, I'm the type who has to see why...what would happen if I wash it in the washer. Well, I had a piece, I washed it with other items on the delicate cycle & dried it in the dryer on the gentle/delicate setting. Nothing bad happened...yippee! But...do your own testing & see what you think.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you for looking.

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