Vintage White Faux Fur Fabric, 60" wide 2+ yards long, 1" thick

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What a gorgeous piece of faux fur.

60" wide & over 2 yards long, very thick fur on a non-stretchy knit backing. 

Soft to the touch, the ideas for uses of this fabric just keep popping up... a lining for a velvet cloak... a regal cape... collars, cuffs, hats, totes, pet clothing, teddy bears and doll clothes.

And what about a bed spread runner?  You know a strip on top of the bed spread at the bottom to warm your tootsies.  Upscale throw pillows or a bolero type jacket.

One advantage to using older fabric is that they were usually made better than today's fabrics.

The downside is the occasional age foxing, which only shows up on the back.

We know a lot of vendors sell by the small squares, but some of you think big & need more than a 12" X 12" square. So we are offering it as a full piece.

This is no light weight piece...literally, the 2+ yards weighs 3#

Our Burgundy Bear & George the Dragon is just to contrast with the white fur; neither is included.

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