Reviving Felted Purses: Shave it!

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Felted purses rule!
Purse? Check!
Made out of pretty yarn? Check!
Will last for years with some maintenance? Check check!
Periodically, your purse will need some rejuvenating and it is actually easy. Just like any sweater, a felted purse will show wear & tear by 'pilling'. This happens with use, but it's no biggy!
Here is a picture of my mom's purse before I worked my magic. First, I washed it and let it air dry. It had lots of pills, some dog hair, some lint; just like any purse. I ran a lint brush over it before washing to get the big stuff. A word on washing: you can hand wash or you can wash it in the washing machine (gentle cycle/ cold or warm water/ small amount of soap), but make sure it air dries. Lay it flat on a towel and turn it over and inside out once in a while to ensure even drying. By the way, take off any buttons or closures that were sewn on before doing any of this.
Here is what I use to remove the pills.
The gadget on the left is an electric sweater shaver; it runs on batteries. The gadget on the right is a cheap plastic razor. I buy them at Dollar Tree; 5 for $1. Both work well; the sweater shaver is faster.
Work in a well lighted area. Wear your reading glasses, if you use them. Just pick a spot and start. Make sure to get all sides, the straps and inside. I usually start with the electric shaver for the big stuff and then switch to the plastic razor for little stuff I might have missed. Your goal is to go from this:
To this, smooth and pill free!
This is what I shaved off of the purse. It doesn't look like much, but it makes a big difference!
Try and do your maintenance regimen once a year to keep your purse fresh and beautiful for a long time!
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