Authentic Tiger's Eye Bracelet Vintage

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These are new, old stock from my long ago store; vintage, but never worn. Each was hand made & is slightly different. One bracelet has two beads between each large tiger-eye bead, the other has four smaller beads between each larger bead. Be sure you chose the one you want.

For the most part, each bead is a gem. In fact, I'm of two minds here whether to sell them or take them apart for the quality tiger-eye beads and use them in new designs.

Tiger-eye stones come in all grades & classes, there is even a tiger-iron stone usually advertised as perfect for men and of course, all the resin/acrylic tiger-eye stones.

Tiger-eye is often chosen from a spiritual point of view...harnessing the power of the tiger, protection, etc. I've always believed that, instead of looking up a meaning & choosing gemstones, one should hold & wear different gemstones to see which ones resonate with you.

It's a personal choice, if you are a fan of tiger-eye jewelry, take a close look, ask questions if you like and thank you for looking.

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