ETHEREAL FOREST DK Yarn 100% Merino from New Zealand

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Wooly Dragon Hand Painted Yarn in a one-of-a-kind colorway for that special project... or just because it's pretty! Some dragons prefer deserts, some snowy mountain peaks; Wooly's family loves forests! Verdant greens of spring & summer, autumn leaf color changes and even the bare, brown tree limbs of winter limned with frost. This yarn evokes them all!

Shades of burgundy, chestnut brown, yellow & lime green on 100% Merino wool DK weight yarn from New Zealand.

4.0 oz. Approximately 220 yards

Hand wash; dry flat.  I tested some of this yarn and it does not felt or shrink easily. This is good if you accidentally throw it in the washer; not so good if you are a felter.

*Listed price is for one hank of yarn.

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