GOTHIC PRINCESS: Ultimate blend of Merino, Alpaca and Mulberry Silk Yarn

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This is the ultimate yarn mixture! 70% Extrafine Merino, 20% Royal Alpaca and 10% Mulberry Silk; so soft and the silk gives it a beautiful sheen. This yarn was hand painted with red and black dye, resulting in a gradual change from black to gray and cherry red to pale pink. Absolutely ethereal in a dangerous way!

My favorite fairy tale princesses were always the tough ones, the ones who could save themselves without the help of any darn prince or knight. Definitely Dragon Princesses!

Gothic Princess would make great socks, lingerie or baby items because, yes, it is that soft!

437 yards/ 3.5 oz/100 gm (fingering weight)

*Listed price is for one hank of yarn.

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