LOLA Superwash Merino Yarn Set: Worsted Weight

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I love experimenting with color combinations! Color wheel? What color wheel?! 

This is a yarn set comprised of 5 skeins; 4 skeins each a different color: gray, teal, purple and brown & one skein hand painted with all 4 colors to tie everything together.

This particular yarn set was given the name "Lola" for two reasons. 1) Wooly drives an ancient SUV named Lola and 2) while she was photographing the yarn, the song "Lola" by The Kinks started playing. It was kismet!

This is a nice 100% Merino super wash worsted yarn with 218 yards per 100 gm skein for a grand total of 500 gms and 1090 yards. You can do so much with this yarn set.

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