MERMAID II Sportweight Merino Yarn

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Wooly Dragon Hand Painted Yarn in a one-of-a-kind colorway for that special project... or just because it's pretty! Shades of turquoise, white, yellow & green on 100% Merino wool sportweight yarn from New Zealand.

One of Wooly's friends is crazy about mermaids. Although she can't prove it, Wooly thinks her friend may actually be a mermaid. Why is this yarn named Mermaid II? Because there is a Mermaid I, silly!

As with many one-of-a-kind hand dyed yarns, it is usually impossible to exactly copy a yarn color. If you see a colorway you like, you'd better grab it before someone else does. Non-Buyer's remorse translates very well into 'that yarn that got away'...

3.2 oz. Approximately 300 yards

The yarn base we used for this was not labeled as 'super wash', but we attempted to felt a sample of it without success. We still recommend that you hand wash & dry flat anything made with this yarn.

*Listed price is for one hank of yarn.

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