BRIAR ROSE Wool/Tencel Sock Yarn Indie Hand Painted

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We had a difficult time naming this color way. It consists of light reds, yellows, greens & browns that create a unique color combination that is both luxurious & homespun, rich & pastel, bright & muted, wild & innocent. 

Briar Rose refers to both the name of Sleeping Beauty in the 19th century Grimm's fairy tale and to sweet briar roses (also called eglantine roses or wild rose).  This yarn is just as sweet & innocent as Sleeping Beauty and luscious & wild as the roses.

Hand painting means each skein is unique; no two skeins are exactly alike. The yarn is made from recycled wool and Tencel (50/50). Tencel is a type of rayon made from plant cellulose. It wicks moisture better than cotton or hemp and is softer too.

Since Tencel is a plant based fiber, it does not take up the dye as strongly as the sheep wool does; this gives a heathered effect to the yarn and also a sheen similar to silk. Each skein is 383 yards/100 gms.

We recommend hand washing and air drying anything you make with this yarn.

*Listed price is for one hank of yarn.

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