RAVENNA Color-Gradient Yarn Set of 5 skeins of 100% Baby Alpaca

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This is truly an indulgent & lovely yarn! Ravenna is many things; a city in Italy known for its mosaics, Lord Byron lived here and wrote "The Ravenna Diaries" and Oscar Wilde wrote a poem called "Ravenna". Ravenna is the setting for Thomas Middleton's "The Witch." It is a feminine version of Raven and, finally, it is the name of this set of five kettle dyed skeins of alpaca yarn in 5 different shades of gray, from dark charcoal to light dove gray.

It is a sport weight yarn made of 100% Baby Alpaca from Peru . Each skein is 3.5 oz. and 291 yards for a total of 17.5 oz and 1,455 yards; enough to knit or crochet a gorgeous sweater. So yummy!

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