SILKY VERONICA Hand Dyed Mohair/Silk Yarn- Only one skein left!

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How many adjectives can we give the color of this yarn? Vibrant? Glossy? Rich? Luscious? A combination of royal, jewel-tone purple and an earthy salmon that meld together to create various shades from purple to lilac to silver to pink to dark salmon.

This is a new scrumptious yarn base that Wooly just had to add to her yarn repertoire; it's 70% Kid Mohair and 30% Mulberry Silk. Fuzzy, soft, silky and it dyes beautifully! You will enjoy working with this yarn; a delight for your eyes and to the touch.

This is a 50 gm (1.75 oz.) hank with 437 yards; definitely lace weight. This would make a lovely wedding ring scarf! Or it can be doubled with a solid yarn dyed a coordinating color(s) to make a fuzzy sweater, mittens, socks...or do what Wooly does, pick up a skein and pet it like a colorful kitten! This pairs gorgeously with our Veronica Merino yarn.

Kid mohair is a prime fiber for yarn. Why? It comes from young Angora goats and only from the first time the animal has been sheared. Each shearing after that results in just plain ole' mohair. Kid mohair tends to be finer & softer than fiber from older animals. 

The process of making silk yarn is a long & laborious process. Silk adds shine & softness to any yarn; combine the two and you get heavenly work with and to wear.

Mohair & silk have a luster & shine that creates a beautiful yarn and both will dye well. Mohair is a durable fiber; it only looks delicate.

Once upon a time, yarns like this one were called ‘orphans’. Why? Because most projects require multiple skeins of yarn to complete, like sweaters or afghans. We here at OWD prefer to call them One Skein Wonders because there are actually many things that can be done with a single skein; hats, baby things, scarves, doll hair, embroidery embellishments. OSW’s occur for two reasons: 1) Wooly was experimenting with dye colors and only dyed one skein or 2) all but one skein of a certain colorway were purchased and that specific color combo could not be recreated exactly.

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