TEDDY BEAR Boucle Alpaca-Merino Kettle Dyed Yarn: Only 1 left!

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Only 1 left!

This qualifies as a truly scrumptious and soft yarn! It is a pinkish, light brown color and makes me think of teddy bears. It is a blend of 82% Alpaca, 13% Merino and 5% nylon; 328 yards on a 3.5oz (100 gm) hank, which is fingering weight.

It is kettle dyed, so there is a color variance between light pink to tan to brown to chestnut throughout.

This yarn combines well with our Teddy Bear Merino Yarn; knit or crocheted together would make a fabulous scarf, hat...or an actual teddy bear.  This would also make great doll hair!

*Listed price is for one cake of yarn. We wind our boucle' yarns into cakes for you at no charge.

Once upon a time, yarns like this one were called ‘orphans’. Why? Because most projects require multiple skeins of yarn to complete, like sweaters or afghans. We here at OWD prefer to call them One Skein Wonders because there are many things that can be done with a single skein; hats, baby things, scarves, doll hair, embroidery embellishments.

OSW’s occur for two reasons: 1) Wooly was experimenting with dye colors and only dyed one skein or 2) all but one skein of a certain colorway were purchased and that specific color combo could not be recreated exactly.

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