Comedy/Tragedy Drop Earrings with Stars

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Comedy and Tragedy masks, the symbol of live theater! These are fun vintage earrings from the 70's or early 80's, a contemporary rendition of an ancient symbol, complete with stars!  The earrings are made of metal but what metal, I do not know.

Ancient Greek actors wore large masks that could be seen from the back of those huge outdoor amphitheaters. The masks conveyed the emotions of the character: happy, sad, funny, evil, etc. so that the audience knew what was going on. As theatrical performances moved into smaller, indoor venues, the masks were no longer needed, but these two masks persist as a symbol of live theater.

The earrings drop over 3" from hooks to the last star and a very lightweight. As can be seen in the pictures, one of the comedy masks has a slight scratch...not bad for something that is 40+ years old!

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