Gemstone Ankle Bracelet

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Summer is coming! How cool would it be to show off those bare ankles by wearing one of these vintage ankle bracelets? These anklets are generously sized at 9 inches to fit most ankles and large wrists. They were made in Thailand to resemble the ankle bracelets that dancers wore with genuine gemstone (garnet/malachite/crystal quartz/rose quartz), pretend bells and a lobster claw clasp.

Garnet: Embodies the energy of fire; passion, creativity and strength. It is the birthstone for January. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that dragon eyes were made from garnets.

Malachite: Absorbs negative energy and protects from physical and emotional harm. If kept with money, it was believed that malachite would increase wealth and attract good business.

Crystal Quartz: Increases confidence, enhances wisdom & sharpens the mind. Ancient Japanese thought that it was formed from the breath of white dragons. It is considered the Universal Crystal and used for balance.

Rose Quartz: Is the stone of love and reconciliation. It is a healing aid for the heart; physically and emotionally. Helpful during times of stress.

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